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Our goal: to redesign the existing website and develop a webshop that is accessible, intuitive and easy to update, while keeping in mind the winery’s centuries-old tradition and varied product offer.

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  • Being the oldest Croatian winery, Kutjevo has a tradition of almost eight centuries and features top wine labels, which embody the wonderful Valis Aurea terroir. The winery offers a vast portfolio of labels that are best enjoyed with Slavonian delicacies, along with a distinctive history that springs from every stone of their 800-year-old cellar.

Project Idea

  • The main idea was to create a webshop which would allow users to filter products by wine lines. Considering the rapid growth of eCommerce during the last two years, introducing a webshop was crucial to increasing sales.
  • In the website redesign phase, we kept in mind the client's tradition and varied wine offer. We focused on developing a webshop that is both accessible and easy to use.


  • Backend - WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Frontend - Vue.js + Nuxt.js / javascript frameworks
  • The database architecture and application setup hosted on AWS

Project Breakdown

  • We broke the process up into the following steps:
  • Website Redesign
    • new design based on best UX practices, making it easier to follow the customer journey
    • creating a filter that takes into account the user’s preferences and taste
    • adding a vineyard map - an interactive element where the user can choose a specific vineyard and find out which Kutjevo wines are made from those grapes
  • Webshop Development
    • integrated payment gateway and product management system
    • ensuring an easy creation of promotional offers, sales and notifications
  • Webshop Integration
    • seamless integration into the website, making sure the webshop follows the main website’s typography and design principles

Project Development

  • Website functionalities were developed with Vue.js and Nuxt.js frameworks through which we have defined the website’s showcase part. The database management system was built using WordPress. To meet the client’s requirements regarding the webshop, we used WooCommerce as a simple and straightforward WordPress plugin.


  • The webshop setup and website consolidation required several testing phases to ensure everything worked properly when it came to payments.
  • When various stakeholders are involved, making decisions on updates can be tough and lengthy. A dynamic and balanced workflow between parties allowed for changes and updates to be implemented quickly, resulting in fast framework adaptation and client satisfaction.


  • The redesigned website + integrated webshop was soon found to be very successful. It attracted almost 11.000 users in the first month, 18% of which came through organic search. Users from 10 countries were reached, while 53% of traffic acquired through mobile devices reiterated the importance of responsive web design. The effort and great collaboration with Kutjevo d.d. on this project was also acknowledged by Web Excellence Awards, as it won the Website - Food & Beverage category award. Check out the website here.

Final Thoughts

  • No need to mention that we are very proud of this project, and all the hard work our team has put in.
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