Platform redesign for Uniline, Croatia’s famous Destination Management Company

Taking online booking experience to another level with the website we redesigned for Uniline, the leading travel company in Croatia.

User Experience / Interface Design / CMS Implementation / Third party integration

User Experience

Interface Design

CMS Implementation

Third party integration


  • Since its founding in 1996, Uniline has reached the status of the leading destination management company for the region of Southeast Europe. As a result of everything they have achieved over the years and an extensive network of business partners, today the company prides itself on a significant market share in the region.
  • Uniline took us on board for their website and booking platform redesign journey. A responsive website that generates more online bookings and returns the best solution for a specific search was essential for their further business expansion.

Project Idea

  • The client’s need was to improve user experience and website performance, in order to get more online bookings. For this project, the following goals were set:
    • Increase the number of online bookings
    • Facilitate the search process so the user can get the optimal object as a result
    • Communicate the best offer at a given time, with all the extra options available (upsell)
    • Speed up and optimize the direct booking process
    • Lay the groundwork for a mobile-first approach.


  • Backend: Laravel CMS
  • Frontend: Nuxt.js + Vue.js
  • The database architecture and application setup hosted on AWS

Project Breakdown

  • We focused on improving the website aesthetics, user interface and user experience, while keeping in mind a mobile-first approach. We also merged the new functionalities into the existing website ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
  • Besides the basic stuff, we’d also like to share a few features worth mentioning:
  • Advanced search functionality
    • When searching for a location, nearby places are added as subcategories. This gives the user ideas on more possible accommodation locations, if the main one isn’t available.
    • It is very easy and straightforward for the user to pick the desired accommodation type.
    • When travelling with kids, the user can set each kid’s age separately, which returns the correct extra cost, if it is applicable.
  • Search results page functionalities
    • The filter allows narrowing the search based on accommodation type, star rating, facilities, distance and beach type. It also provides certain popular filters at the top.
    • By clicking on the map view, users can check the exact location of each accommodation facility.
    • If the chosen accommodation is unavailable, the system suggests a similar one that is. This significantly increases the chances of booking.
  • Accommodation details page
    • When multiple unit types are available, users get a recommendation for the best option, based on their requirements.
    • Price per stay is automatically updated after one or more supplements are chosen (e.g. baby cot, pets, parking).

Project Development

  • Website functionalities were developed with Vue.js and Nuxt.js frameworks through which we have defined the website’s showcase part. The website already had an ERP, so we proceeded with merging the new functionalities into it.


  • The biggest challenge we had and successfully tackled (don’t say you doubted!) was to shorten the customer path-to-purchase, and improve the process behind choosing the best accommodation option for the user.


  • As it wouldn't be fair to compare website results in 2021 with those from 2020 (when the whole world was put on hold), we decided to skip the official stats part for this project. Let’s just focus on the overall better and more comfortable user experience we created, featuring a personalized touch and accommodation suggestions based on each user’s preferences.

Final Thoughts

  • The redesigned website went live in 2021, the second most challenging year for travel companies due to the ongoing pandemic, and we believe it has yet to show its full potential. We can’t wait to celebrate these results in the future!
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