TP line App

App for online purchase of TP Line ferry tickets

Fast and reliable transportation services in the Croatian part of the Adriatic

User Experience / Interface Design / Mobile app Development / CMS Implementation

User Experience

Interface Design

Mobile app Development

CMS Implementation


  • With the TP line app, the Adriatic shore has never been more accessible and is in the palm of your hand.
  • TP line is a passenger vessel operator, offering fast and reliable transportation services in the Croatian part of the Adriatic that offers daily catamaran lines.
  • One of the biggest tour operators in Croatia - TP line passenger vessel operator has hired us for the development of their app.
  • The app is intended for all passengers who want to use fast and reliable ship coastal transport. In addition to the functionality of buying tickets, passengers that are planning their trip can share and review the road and sea traffic conditions in order to get a better insight into the overall traffic situation as well as information about changes in the sailing order and a line map where the passenger can see the ship's travel line.

Project idea

  • Together with our clients, we have developed a modern app that allows users to buy one or more tickets in-app and secure their place on board, quickly and easily, without waiting in lines.


    • Backend – Laravel PHP
    • CMS and database architecture hosted on AWS
    • Mobile app: React Native

Project Breakdown

  • General Features:
    • Login/Register
    • Push notifications
    • Destination information
    • Traffic Report
    • Ticket sale point
    • Boarding points
    • Ferry line map
    • Ticket search
    • QR code on each ticket
    • Payment - Monri
    • Fleet information
    • Bilingual app
  • Admin dashboard:
    • Add and manage tickets
    • Payment / Order
    • Dashboard with access to all orders and payments and statistics
    • Customizable features - Photo and content upload

Project Development

  • The functionality of the backend was developed in the Laravel PHP framework, through which we have defined users and features, roles, and notification handling. We’ve used the latest technology in mobile development – React Native.


  • The biggest challenge was to achieve a simple flow of purchasing a ticket, and, at the same time, make it functional, easy, and user-friendly.
  • We did weekly brainstorming and testing sessions until we got the perfect flow. The whole concept was also changed several times, until we were satisfied with the result.


  • Besides the main functionality of buying a ticket, the app has several different options. In addition, users can see the weather forecast for their destination and explore each beautiful destination along their journey with TP line ferries.
  • When using the application, additional categories include customer support, all points of sale, general contact for application users, Q&A, general conditions, payment methods, and GDPR.
  • All previously purchased tickets will be stored in the application, and as a part of the user profile, the app allows users to store their identity cards (islanders, PWD).
  • What is particularly important for the users are the notifications they get directly on their phone if there has been a change in the sailing order.

Final product

  • We’ve built TP line app, which also included a CMS and carefully designed interface to make it more fashionable and good-looking.
  • The application was a hit and was rewarded by Web Excellence Awards in the Travel & Mobile Apps category - With more than 950 applications from 37 countries worldwide.
  • Their review of the final product is available on our Clutch profile.

You can download
the app here.

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