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24. 01. 2022

An ode to a Lloydsful year

by Lara Karlović

Last year has been a long one here at Lloyds digital. A lot of projects, existing and new clients, new people on board, and especially new stories to tell grandchildren when we’re old and wrinkled. 

We are very proud of what we accomplished, but also of the process behind, the challenges, the learnings, the occasional tears (if we’re being honest). However, it all becomes worth it once the projects are delivered, and you receive great feedback on what you did.

A few mentions we really want to share

  • Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we got – Lloyds Design mentioned in Erste Bank’s article is – us. The article (in Croatian) talks about keeping human touch in the digital world, and how passion is the key element of improvement.
  • We had a good time designing and developing a new website and webshop for Kutjevo, Croatia’s oldest winery. With overlays and animation triggered on scroll, we succeeded in crafting something entertaining for the user and received the Web Excellence Award in Food & Beverage category. 
  • We also helped create the Mastercard Uplift website, dedicated to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. We really liked the project, and the project team really liked Domagoj, our CEO – hence you can read an inspirational interview with him here.
  • Clutch, a prominent B2B review and rating platform from the US, listed us as one of the top-performing mobile app development companies from Croatia. To say we’re thrilled to be in such a company would definitely be an understatement.
  • Still going strong on The Manifest’s list of Most reviewed WordPress developers companies in Croatia! Mentions like these really keep our motivation going, as clients take some time from their busy schedules to leave us a review. And we really appreciate that.
  • VidGift – world’s first gifting app featuring customizable video messages delivered with gifts purchased on the app. Lloyds digital – the company behind the development. Our hard work was once again recognized, as the app was named Best New Mobile App in February 2021 on Best Mobile App Awards.
  • In December, Domagoj had a very interesting talk with the Prodajni mindset podcast lead. If you do speak a bit of Croatian, check it out

This is, understandably, not a comprehensive list. But we still wanted to do a little recap of 2021 and its exciting events. Staying humble, but marching towards the future like the pros. 

We look forward to seeing what this new year brings!